We want to facilitate as much as possible your operations this summer in #Ibiza.
Therefore we ask you to pay attention to the information below :

– Due to extremely high ramp utilization, in 95% of the cases the airport will only admit quick turnarounds (average of 40 min on the ground)
– Summer 2022 is record demand on the Island for both commercial and private aviation
– The airport infrastructure provides only a few parking spaces for overnight parking which is often booked for months in advance or blocked for Ambulance or Rescue operations

❗❗❗Important ❗❗❗: 
This year AENA is using a system of application processing based on a “waiting list” or “live queue” model
Once the slot is requested, it remains on the list according to the submission order and will not be granted until the system assigns it automatically
– Once the initial request is rejected when you make a new one – the application goes to the end of the list

What not⛔ to do : 
– Only one operator can apply for a slot at the same time
If you cancel your request to your handling and ask another handling operator – your request will be sent to the end of the queue
– No handling operator has “free” slots or parking (even if you pay)
– It is not possible to transfer slots or parking spaces
– All handling operators work under the same regulations and there is no preference for anyone
– High fines for false applications

At GAS we have staff available 24hrs a day to handle your requests and will always do our best to get you there.

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